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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 19, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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whole story. see you back here tomorrow. the online show starts in nine seconds. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] shepard: a model murdered and stuffed in a suitcase. a reality tv star suspected. tonight the manhunt. plus a health care compromise? hold breath here. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're going to bankrupt this country. shepard: for weeks, it's created controversy. >> we have a government that is essentially out of control with spending. >> we reform health care, not the government. shepard: now word the democrats may be done with trying to compromise, but can they really push through a plan of their own? plus president obama with another new message today during a talk with religious leaders.
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tonight, why the white house says health care is a moral issue. but are you a believer? first this idea that democrats may be looking to push through the plan by themselves. it's because of opposition from both republicans and centrist democrats over issues including whether to include a so-called public option. which is basically government-run health care. that would let the feds create an insurance plan which would compete with private insurers. of course since the government has serious leverage with providers, they could probably get lower rates and deliver a cheaper option than the private insurance companies could give. republicans don't want that. they say it would drive private insurers out of business, add bureaucracies, a lot of regulations, and take away patients' choice of physicians and hospitals. now liberal democrats are demanding it, and the president has gone back and forth, really, on how important the whole thing really is.
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now with objections growing by the day, there is talk of democrats just slamming this through on their own, which they could. they would have the majorities in both the house and the senate to do it if they could get everybody on board. of course that's a big if. and the white house says no one is looking to try that. >> we're focusing on how to get bipartisan support, on how to get members of both parties who want to work on comprehensive health care reform. that's what we're focused on. shepard: well, just in case anyone is considering a democrats-only deal, a key republican in health care negotiations has a warning. senator mike enzi says -- shepard: tough talk there. major garrett with the news live from the white house. what are people really saying about the chances of a bipartisan deal? >> well, shepard, let's start at the top of the political food chain, the president
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himself. after meeting the nascar champion from last year, jimmie johnson, here at the white house, the president was asked are we going to get a bill this year? he said i'm absolutely confident we'll get a bill. the president also said i hope it is bipartisan. his chief of staff jerry manuel told today's "new york times" that he believes the republican leadership has made a strategic decision to try to kill health care reform for their own health care goals. and harry reid told fox today that the senate democrats will use any legislative means necessary if republicans don't play ball. add that up, hope but also a strategy. shepard: what are republicans saying? >> a couple of things, shepard. first of all, on the public option that you outlined in the intro to this entire piece. republicans have serious misgivings about that. another republican we talked to today said he just wants the white house to calm down. let's take them both. >> you can have a government that makes the rules and then have a government competitor that is allegedly come mige with those same rules that it imposes on the private sector. >> i wish the white house would
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take a deep breath and pause. it seems to me there is a lot of animation and nervousness coming out of the white house that isn't really necessary. >> well, the president himself will take a deep breath and pause but that won't be until next week when he heads to martha's vineyard. shepard: the president has kept quiet on this issue for a couple of days, but today he broke that silence in what really seems to be an effort to reframe the message. after all, most people on both sides believe they may have lost control of that message. >> possibly an attempt to reframe the message. probably a more pointed attempt, shepard, to get people who the president and the white house believe are on the sidelines back in the game. the president at a conference call, gnat on camera, with progressive liberal religious leaders and their congregants saying in the next 40 days, think of ways you can get involved in this debate. the president also on a conference call, shepard, took on the idea raised by some, not all republicans, that end of life counseling in this legislation would constitute death panels. let's take a quick listen to the president's take on that.
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>> this notion that somehow we are setting up death panels that would decide on whether elderly people get to live or die. that is just an extraordinary lie. >> the president went on to say, shepard, that it is proof in this debate some americans are in his words bearing false witness. back to you in new york. shepard: major garrett live at the white house. so that's where things stand. republicans warn democrats if you try to push through your own plan, it will fail. democrats are saying don't worry, bipartisanship is alive and well. in the meantime, president obama is just trying to get back on message about health care reform and is now telling religious groups it's a moral imperative. how might this work out? we'll have more on this back and forth in the white house and capitol hill. but there is another battle now taking place in health care. it really has less to do with medical coverage than with money. house democrats have sent letters to dozens of insurance companies asking about executive salaries. they say it's just an investigation, but industry insiders see a more nefarious
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purpose here. reprisals against an industry that feels threatened by and largely opposes the idea of government-run health care. carl cameron with the news across from the capitol tonight. carl? >> hi, shep. well, this letter may be the most clear example yet of real pressure politics and arm twisting. it reads almost like a warning. the committee on energy and commerce is examining executive compensation and other business practices in the health insurance industry. henry waxman, the house democratic point man on health care reform who chairs the house energy and commerce committee, along with bart stupak who chairs the oversight and investigation subcommittee, signed and sent the letters but did not tell committee republicans about any of their plans. with raucous health care town halls unfolding nationwide during the august congressional recess and polls showing increased opposition to a government-run insurance program or so-called pluck option, neither waxman nor stupak nor their staffs would comment on this story.
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private health insurers warn that a government-run insurance option could put them at a competitive disadvantage and even out of business, but they insist they support health care reform in general. >> we're america's health insurance companies. supporting burn reforms that congress can build on. >> before congress took its august vacation, democrats branded private insurers immoral villains for opposing a government-run insurance option. >> insurance companies are out there in full force, bomb, shock and awe against the public option. >> the letter waxman offers insurers no explanation at all of what's being investigated or why, but they are after sensitive information and casting a wide net. 52 health insurance companies have until september 4 to provide congress a detailed list of every employee who made over $500,000 a year between 2003-2008. and democrats also want documents related to any corporate conferences or retreats, entertainment, lodging, hotels, food, even
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entertainment and gifts as part of this inquiry. one industry insiders said it felt a little bit like a reprisal i.r.s. audit in the making. shep? shepard: well, afghanistan, and just about three hours left now until the afghan people start to head to the polls for their presidential election. it is the first afghan-led vote in more than three decades, but it comes in the midst of a war and with the threat of very serious violence. today as afghan officials race to set up voting sites across the nation, taliban militants unleashed a wave of attacks. three roadside bombs killing at least six election workers. the taliban apparently trying to make good on the threat to target anyone to takes part in the vote, and that includes the american troops who were helping to secure the election. the pentagon reports the violence killed at least six american troops today. it's also been a bad month for taliban fighters. today this was the scene in downtown kabul. afghan police killing three militants who tried, they say, to take over a bank. greg palkot is live for us tonight, streaming on the
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internet from kabul. greg, a lot of concern really about the security of these elections. are people actually going to be coming out to vote or no? >> shep, i think it is safe to say that people will be coming out to vote. the big question is in what kind of numbers. election officials had said that about 10% of the voting places would be off-limits because of the danger of the taliban. just today, however, an official from the international military here saying only 1% of the places would be very dangerous. the taliban has been unrelenting in its threats and its attacks, but also unrelenting the build-up of security here. the afghan government and the united states is banking on the idea that the taliban can't be everywhere and that folks will stand up. that, president karzai who was running for re-election, who would benefit from a big turnout here, is exactly what president karzai is hoping for. another beneficiary, the united states of america. a big turnout, a good vote would be a vindication, would
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be a legitimatization, perhaps, of the new approach, the new aggressive approach against the taliban. but still even more questions. possibilities of voter fraud, possibilities of bureaucratic problems, red tape. a lot of questions coming into this elections. we're just now looking at a new dawn in afghanistan. shep? shepard: greg palkot live tonight in the afghan capital. back here at home, police say someone has murdered a model, stuffed her remains in a suitcase, and thrown that suitcase where they thought nobody would find it. tonight they have. and investigators would very much like to speak with the guy they say reported her missing and then somehow disappeared. well, the question is why and where is he? that's next.
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shepard: it's now an international manhunt for someone who murdered a young model in southern california. you might recognize the man they want to question. he is a one-time reality
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television star, a contestant called a person of interest now in the killing of this woman, jasmine fiori. a man found fiori's body stuffed in a suitcase and left in a dumpster. now the police are looking for this man, ryan jenkins. fiori's mother says her daughter and this guy were married in las vegas for a short time earlier this year. the two reportedly lived together in los angeles. police say they were seen together just friday night in san diego, and on saturday morning, fiori's body turned up in that dumpster in buena park, near los angeles. at the time, the cops said they didn't know it was fiori's body. jenkins reported fiori missing later that day, then he disappeared. >> it is suspicious that after he reports her missing, he is nowhere to be found. we would like to speak to him. shepard: first they have to find him. right now they seem to be looking north of the border. the fox report's chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. we're hearing this guy might be
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on his way to canada. >> he is originally from calgary and the canadian province of alberta. his profile website shows links to several businesses there. cops believe he may now be trying to get back there, either in his own black b.m.w. s.u.v. x-5, which is a canadian license plate hly-275. he could also be traveling in jasmine fiori's white mercedes c.h.s. 550 like the one you see there. he may have actually moved his canadian license plates to that vehicle. shepard: now, they were married, the two of them. >> this is all very sketchy. the most reliable information we're getting about this is from jasmine fiori's mother. she says they met in march in las vegas shortly after ryan jenkins left the reality show "megan wants to marry a millionaire." now, she says they got married within two days of that meeting, but that marriage was annulled in may, and since then the two have simply been
7:16 pm
dating, shep. shepard: now, he has a criminal record we have found out. >> we just heard this evening, confirmed by the alberta justice department, he was convicted in january, 2007, of assault. he was sentenced to 15 months probation and canceling in domestic violence, and canceling for sex addiction. most ominous of all, that assault, shep, was on a former girlfriend. shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. there are major new details in the death of michael jackson tonight. sources are telling that the arrest of the singer's personal physician is imminent. as you probably know, police have been investigating this doctor, dr. conrad murray, for some time now. law enforcement sources talking to say that the doctor admitted he did, in fact, inject jackson with a powerful sedative just before the singer died. and now the website reports that dr. murray will likely be charged with manslaughter. the only thing that's apparently been holding up this
7:17 pm
arrest is the fact that the police are still said to be gathering evidence. we're also told it's likely others will be charged. you will recall michael jackson died on june 25 after suffering a suspected overdose of the drug propofol. well, it's being credited with giving a big and badly needed boost to the united states auto industry. this wildly popular cash for clunkers program. there is no doubt car buyers are moving it. you're on camera now, jonathan. dealers say they are getting the shaft. why in the world would dealers be getting the shaft and how long will the money last? i'm also taller than you. -%
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and we're walkin'... making it all a bit easier -- now that's progressive! call or click today. shepard: have you gotten in on this cash for clunkers program? it's been a great deal for many
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car shoppers, but many car dealers say they are still waiting for their payoff. tonight some are backing out of this offer completely. cash for clunkers is that government program that offers regates of up to $4,500 for folks who trade in their old gas guzzlers for more fuel-efficient cars. buyers have pounced on this deal in a big way but a lot of the dealers say the feds have yet to reimburse them for all of those rebates which as of now are coming out of their own pockets. as a result today hundreds of dealers in the new york city area announced they are withdrawing from the program, even as the transportation secretary ray lahood tries to reassure them that their checks were coming soon. >> they are going to get their money. we have the money to provide to them. we have put an enormous number of people on the task of processing the paperwork. there will be no car dealer that won't be reimbursed. shepard: that delay in payments aside, secretary lahood says the program has helped
7:22 pm
jump-start the auto industry, and for that matter the entire economy. since it started, americans have spent almost $2 billion on new cars, promoting -- prompting automakers to once again boost production. rich edson works at the fox business network. he is live right across the street from the capitol tonight. how does the transportation department explain these dealers not getting their checks yet? >> cash for clunkers is more popular than expected and the program is understaffed. transportation secretary ray lahood says he knows dealers are frustrated and he says they will get their money. the transportation department tells us they are bringing in more people from within the government and from outside contractors to help get this system moving. shepard: they got another influx of cash for this program. it's supposed to last until what? labor day? >> well, the secretary won't say when he thinks this will run out. the first billion was supposed to last until november, if you remember, and that ran out. so congress added $2 billion and said that would, yes, go to labor day. the department of transportation says dealers
7:23 pm
have made more than $1.8 billion worth of clunkers deals which means little more than $1 billion left. shepard: all right, rich, thanks. the mayor of milwaukee is speaking in public for the first time about being beaten after he answered a grandmother's cries for help near the wisconsin state fair over the weekend. mayor tom barrett, this is his picture, he wound up with a fractured head, missing teeth, and gashes on his face. that grandmother says the man who attacked him was the birth father of the little girl she was watching at the time. the mayor says he did what anybody would have done. >> i can't think of a situation like this where people would not have responded the way i did. when someone says call 911, you call 911. it's that straightforward. that's exactly what happened here. it was only at that point where the response was so bizarre that things took off in the wrong direction. shepard: you see the cuts on his face there, right? and his hand in some sort of a
7:24 pm
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shepard: a fox weather alert for you now. the first hurricane of the atlantic season has just shaped up into a major storm. it's hurricane bill. already a dangerous category four storm. upgraded today. now with winds tracked, maximum sustained winds at 135 miles an hour. we're now told it could strengthen into the strongest storm, a category five. right now it's threatening bermuda. we're watching it closely as it heads in the direction of the east coast of the united states. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is live in the extreme weather center h.d. tonight. rick, man, what a storm. >> a good chance it could become a category five. nothing really to stop it. the water is very warm. the sheer is forecast to remain very light over the next two to three days. the good news, shepard, is that as we move forward in time with the track of this storm, it's going to remain over water during the strongest period of
7:29 pm
this. if you look forward about five days, the models are in very good agreement that it's probably going to go between bermuda and the eastern part of the u.s. very likely, though, canadian mayor times taking a very solid punch from this. anywhere from around the mid-atlantic towards the northeast, the seas this weekend, shepard, saturday and sunday, we'll be seeing waves 15-20 feet high. major beach erosion. have to stay out of the water this weekend. shepard: there is extreme weather in the nation's midsection now. first check out this cell phone video. a witness working at a drive-through window caught this tornado as it ripped through beaumont, texas, about 80 miles north and west of houston. the national weather service says the twister's winds were about 110 miles an hour. we're told 10 people were hurt although none of them seriously. and another tornado blew through downtown minneapolis today. trees uprooted, power lines down, a church damaged, no injuries reported there. rick, we also just learned that at least three more tornadoes were reported in western wisconsin today. how much longer do folks in the midwest have to worry about all this? >> it's a really rough night.
7:30 pm
we have had reports of 12 tornadoes all across the country. all here in the midsection of the country today. new tornado watch boxes popping up across parts of oklahoma and now towards ohio, shepard. chicago seeing some very rough storms moving through now. to the north of indianapolis, we have tornado warnings. we have them to the north of dayton, ohio. we have them back still across parts of minnesota. one other area, shepard, that we're concerned about tonight is the eastern seaboard where last night we had all the storms move through. another line moving through as well. really the eastern 2/3 of the country under the gun. the central part of the country, though, biggest threat for tornadoes during the overnight hours. shepard: rick reichmuth now with weather now in h.d. thank you. i'm shepard smith. you're on "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. in baghdad, they are sorting through major destruction after a wave of bombings there have killed at least 95 people. the explosion injured hundreds more in the worst violence we have seen in that nation in
7:31 pm
more than a year. the blasts appear to have been coordinated with explosions going off at at least five locations across baghdad. and officials inside iraq say they have a pretty good idea of who is behind all of this and what they are trying to accomplish. david piper in our baghdad newsroom now. david? >> hi, shep. yes, the iraqi government says al qaeda and iraq and other suni insurgent groups were behind this string of deadly attacks across baghdad today. they were well coordinated, happening within a few minutes of each other, and they struck at the very heart of the government. >> first a truck bomb exploded outside the finance ministry in the north of the capital, bringing down an overpass. there were also four more explosions across the city at the same time, mostly car bombs. and then a much larger explosion happened outside the foreign ministry there, taking down the 11 floors of the front of the building, and the blast where it came this way. cars in front of the building
7:32 pm
were blown into the air and caught fire with their occupants inside. the shockwave was so intense, it shook buildings nearby and even ripped window frames from walls. the truck bomb seems to have managed to clear the security checkpoints without being stopped. these attacks are a huge problem for the iraqi government. it said it had control of the security situation in baghdad, so much so that it's announced plans to take the blast walls down that have spread across the city. the iraqi public are shocked by what has happened. >> this is not good. i lost the block. we were happy about our security forces, but not now. >> with the national elections up in january, the iraqi government needs to get control of the security situation now if it's going to keep its credibility with the iraqi public. shep? shepard: david piper live this thursday morning in baghdad. now to a hopeful sign -- and i say hopeful of improved relations between the united states and north korea. that's the word from the mexico
7:33 pm
governor bill richardson who met today in santa fe with two senior diplomats from north korea's mission to the united nations. the north reportedly reached out to the governor for this meeting. really not clear what was on their agenda, they haven't told us, although the white house does say the hope is against hope that the north koreans will back away from their nuclear program. governor richardson, of course, a former ambassador to the united nations. he traveled to pyongyang in the 1990's to negotiate the release of american detainees. today's meeting just two weeks after president bill clinton, former president clinton, went to north korea to bring home two american journalists. the governor richardson talks expected to continue tomorrow. well, he is the only person convicted in the 1988 airline bombing over looker buy, scotland, that killed 270 people, most of them americans, and we will learn his fate tomorrow. scotland's justice minister says that that's when he will announce his decision on whether 57-year-old abdel al-marahi should be released
7:34 pm
from prison on, quote, compassionate grounds and then sent to his native libya. the man has terminal cancer. the minister says he has already informed victims' families of his decision. those families reportedly split on whether the suspect -- or the convicted should be released. many in britain say they believe he is innocent. some good news on the economy tonight, and it could have an impact on all of our wallets sometime soon. a firm that tracks corporate pay says a bunch of companies are getting ready to reverse the pay cuts that they made in the last year. many of you know all too well that businesses have been cutting salaries and 401-k benefits and other forms of compensation in this recession, so maybe you kept your jour job you're taking home less money. well, now many companies seem to be showing some optimism and sharing it with employees. shannon bream is in d.c. tonight with a little bit more on this. give us some numbers. what's the good news here, shannon? >> shep, this was a survey of 175 top companies in the united states. they have got an optimistic outlook over the next six months.
7:35 pm
40% of them say they will roll back those salary cuts they had to make. 33% of the companies that froze salaries will unfreeze them. also 24% are reporting they are going to begin to go back to full or partial contributions to 401-k plans they had had to stop. and the great news is these numbers all show a significant jump from just two months ago when these same questions were asked in june. shep? shepard: any companies already doing this? >> there are a few that are already getting back on their feet. bill sullivan says his company plans to get their employees back to full salaries. he says he is cautiously optimistic the worst is behind the company. that kind of optimism seems to be spreading. in that study that came out today, we see almost a third of companies say they have hit rock bottom and are on their way back up. shep? shepard: good news yesterday. shannon, thanks. starting tomorrow, we should have a much easier time understanding the policies behind our credit cards, because tomorrow a couple of new rules kick in. credit card companies will now have to give advanced notice
7:36 pm
when they change any terms of your account. for example, interest rate hikes. the companies will also have to give customers a full three weeks to pay bills after they are mailed out. but you may not like what you see with all that transparency. credit card companies have already sent out notices of increased annual fees or higher interest rates. more reforms to the credit card businesses are set to go into effect in february. despite the good economic news we have had tonight, many folks are still holding back on spending. that's the word from a new survey on back to school shopping. it's one of the retail industry's biggest selling periods. in fact, second only to the christmas season. but according to this new survey of the national retail federation, the average american family is expected to spend 7.7% less on school supplies this year than last. the survey also found that 85% of families have made some changes to their back to school shopping. julie banderras is at a mall in the borough of queens here in
7:37 pm
new york. what kind of changes do they make? >> shep, 85% of americans are actually drastically changing the way they would normally do their back to school spending. if you look at this survey, this 2009 back to school survey, it's going to show you people just want to save. i mean, look at this. those changes that impact the spending is like this. 56%, for example, of back to school shoppers are hunting for more sales. 50% plan to spend less overall. 42% purchasing more store brand and generic brands. and 40% are planning to increase their use of coupons. so, in other words, if there isn't a coupon attached to it or it's not on sale, chances are americans will continue to shop and search for a better bargain. shep? shepard: they are still spending money pretty regularly on some things? >> it's interesting, actually. each family in america, according to the survey, is going to spend $50 less on things like, let's say, school supplies and clothing. but there is one thing they are spending more on, and that's electronics because the prices of laptops, for example, are becoming so increasingly
7:38 pm
affordable that people are actually spending more. 11%, actually, more on laptops. one thing i should also mention. not your usual back to school products but a must have this year, hand sanitizer. with h1n1 potentially becoming more widespread this fall than it was in the spring, that is the must-have item, back to school item of the year. shep? shepard: a very good one for the backpack. julie banderras, great to see you. thanks a lot. a missing woman's family is now turning to a new tactic in their search. the hope is that this home video of christie cornwell will jog somebody's memory and that they will get the tip they have been waiting for all week pt tonight there are new developments in this case and they are next. with an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon. and up to 600 miles between fill ups. it's the most fuel efficient crossover on the highway. better than honda cr-v, toyota rav4
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7:42 pm
officer. police say at the time she was talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone when the boyfriend says he heard signs of a struggle and heard her say "don't take me ." we're told cornwell was walking along a rural road in blaresville, georgia, then. she has not been heard from since. cornwell's family released this video today. they took it back in 1994, but they still hope it will generate some leads. marianne silber has been on scene with this one for a few days now. marianne, police say there are some leads but not a lot. how does the family think this video might help? >> hi, shepard. they have been saying all along they want people to look at her pictures and see if they recognize her. they think looking at this video, the video you're about to see, home video, will help jog some people's memories. maybe they will remember something and come forward with some tips. the family has also set up a fund for anyone who wants to donate to help with establishing a reward as well as helping to pay for the cost of continuing the search.
7:43 pm
shepard: how is the family reacting to this news of the ground search coming to an end? that had to be crushing. >> it is. it wasn't come to a complete end yet. the f.b.i. has joined. they are bringing in a criminal profiler who is going to look at the evidence, look at the facts, and try to come up with some kind of profile of who this guy may have been, or person, who the person could have been that might have taken her. they are also providing forensics lab testing and aerial surveillance as well. so the ground search isn't completely over, but they are providing more resources in an effort to focus more on the investigation itself. go ahead, shep. shepard: satellite delays are so much fun, aren't they? i wanted to show that video. we were having problems playing it out. here is the videotape of the woman. this was taken back in 1994. police are just saying if anybody has seen this woman, to please contact them. she has been missing a week now. they are desperately looking for her. marianne silver, thanks.
7:44 pm
state police raid a house in phoenix and rescue 19 men. it's the lead story on a fox trip across america. arizona, police say a group of nearly a dozen mexican men were holding 19 hostages. a public safety officer says the kidnappers were demanding 2,700 for each of the men. the swat team stormed the house after phoenix police got a tip. wisconsin, not your typical wedding day memory. just hours before the ceremony, a couple was posing for pictures in the lacrosse park when they heard a man yelling for help. >> i jumped over the railing, ran over to the water's edge, and looked down and saw this guy -- i thought he was treading water with this little girl. >> the groom juan to the water and helped pull the man and his granddaughter to safety. nobody hurt. washington, joe trachsler is retiring as a baker after 50
7:45 pm
years of making twinkies. he started working for hostess as a pan washer back in 1959. >> had a twinkie in it. hi a dilemma. i'm not supposed to eat on the job but i don't want to waste the twinkie so i would eat the twinkie. >> he says he made millions of twinkies, but ding-dongs are his favorite. iowa, it's called a velamobile. a bicycle with an electric motor. this guy use it is to commute 21 miles every day. >> i pedal most of the time. the motor is really helpful for getting you started through intersections or from a dead stop and up hills. >> top speed, about 30 miles an hour. because it's classified as a bicycle, riders don't need a license. and that's a fox watch across america. the iphone, it can play your music, call your friends, and burst into flames, for real. there is an app for that. has yours blown up yet? plus never before seen images
7:46 pm
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shepard: brand-new from the massacre at virginia tech, a year and a half before the gunman went on that shooting rampage across the campus, seung-hui cho told therapists he wasn't having any suicidal or homicidal thoughts. that's what we're learning from the mental health records which were only recently found at the home of the former director of the school's counseling center. the records have just been released. we're told they contain no obvious warning signs that schow would eventually carry out the worst mass shooting in u.s. history back in april of 2007, killing 32 students and faculty members before killing himself. we're tracking h1n1. you should know by now.
7:50 pm
and government officials are now calling on u.s. businesses to help curb the spread of that virus with specific guidelines for employers across the nation. for example, they are encouraging flexible sick leave policies so employees can easily stay home if they have flu symptoms. james rosen is following this tonight from washington. what else are they saying to businesses, james, about how all this should work? >> well, in the words of the commerce secretary today, shep, they want businesses to place commence above the puritan work ethic. meaning anyone who has flu-like symptoms this fall should stay home from work, that employers should be prepared to cope with greater absenteism and keep their businesses up and running. they are even talking about perhaps waiving the rules for a doctor's note because the health system will be under such strain, shep. shepard: first they gave us guidelines for schools and now businesses. how bad do they think this thing is going to get? >> the secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano, did an exclusive interview with fox news today. she said that scientists are saying they are seeing markers
7:51 pm
not for a 1918 type situation which killed 50 million people worldwide, but rather for the 1957 asian flu which only killed -- only two million people worldwide. about 70,000 in this country. i asked her if the president of the united states is prepared to seize or shut down certain industries or sectors of the business or society at large the way president truman did in the korean war with the steel mills. she told me this was an unfortunate question. >> it speculates to an absolutely worst case scenario, and that in and of itself becomes a headline. the president plans to shut down this or that. >> give it to me. i understand. >> what we're doing is saying look, what's the most likely scenario? the most likely scenario is a heavier than usual flu season. >> i mentioned that asian flu situation from the 1950's killed 70,000 americans. in the year 2006, the regular flu, shep, killed 56,000 americans. shepard: wow, rough on all counts.
7:52 pm
james rosen live for us tonight. thanks. you can track the h1n1 virus along with us. you can even sing the theme song if you like, although i can't say it clearly. enter tracking h1n1 in the search function at the top of the fox home page. everything you really need to know is right about there. just eight minutes from liftoff. south korea scrubs its first domestic space shot. the top story on a fox trip round the world in 80 seconds. south korea, an official with the science ministry says they aborted the launch because of a technical problem. scientists say they hope to attempt the launch again in a few days. the rocket carries a south korean-built satellite reportedly made to observe the atmosphere into the ocean. china, police guarding a smelting plant that hundreds of angry villagers stormed. doctors diagnosed more than 600 children in two villages with lead poisoning caused by that plant. and the smelter failed to shut down operations as soon as the
7:53 pm
government ordered. some kids reportedly had lead levels 10 times what china considers safe. conga, underwater video of the princess ashika, the ferry boat that sank two weeks ago. 54 people survived but search and rescue crews found only two bodies. a police commander says 72 passengers are mission and presumed dead. a decision on whether to salvage the boat expected soon. united kingdom, an elephant at the zoo in devon receiving her own pair of red slippers. it's not about fashion. the 40-year-old elephant has had trouble with swelling in her feet and the slippers are for protection. she also gets pedicures and foot baths. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. exploding ipods. officials in europe are investigating reports of spontaneously combusting ipods.
7:54 pm
and even iphones. in france, yes, france, an iphone reportedly burst into pieces and injured a teenager. we're told in sweden an ipod touch model set a saab on fire and nearly killed the owner's dog. apple says it's investigating. it denies that there are any widespread problems. one of the best storytellers ever to work in this medium, the creator of "60 minutes", donoghue witness, has now died. -- don hewitt has now died. hewitt started the first television news bag on cbs back in 1968. he oversaw production until 2004. hiring skilled journalists like mike wallace to tell us the news in ways that really hadn't been told before. under his watch, "60 minutes" earned 73 emmys, along with the respect of his viewers and his peers. according to a 2001 memoir, hewitt's formula for the show boiled down to four words -- tell me a story. >> i sit there and i say to
7:55 pm
myself if i were a viewer sitting home sunday night at 7:00, would i be interested in this? you learn early on that television is good, not when you see it, not when you hear it, when you feel it. shepard: tonight our community feeling the loss of this pioneer as does the rest of this country. cbs says he died today of pancreatic cancer in his home in new york. the legendary don hewitt was 86 years old. that's a-- tiny netbook.
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shepard: we are just getting word now that two people are confirmed dead after a black hawk military helicopter crashed in the mountains in colorado. that's from a sheriff's department in leadville, colorado. the department also says one person was hurt and another still missing after the crash on mount massive. that's the second highest peak in colorado. we're told that crash happened within earshot of some u.s. forest service employees.
7:59 pm
more information on fox news throughout the night and at as we get it. and on this day back in 1909, the motors were revved, the flag was waved, and for the very first time at the now-famous indianapolis motor speedway. believe it or not the first race was actually a marketing gimmick. the idea was get carmakers to compete against each other in the hope that spectators would run out and buy the winning model. but the day was a percent. two drivers, two mechanics, two spectators killed. so organizers put the whole thing on ice until 1911. that's when the drivers suited up for the first indy 500, a grueling race for both man and machine. since then, indy has become the granddaddy of them all, the biggest motor race in the entire world, but the gentlemen first started their engines 100 years ago today. and now you know the news for this wednesday, august 19, 2009. i'm shepa


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